“Stalking celebrities is like eating potato chips - you know you shouldn't do it but you do it anyway.” - Julie Ozanne

With social media being an integral part of our lives, it’s easy for us to feel connected to those living the ‘high-life’. We expect celebrities to open their lives up to us, and in return, we reward them with likes, comments and follows that they can leverage for brand recognition, promotional payments, and industry connections.

Interestingly, a recent study by University of Melbourne’s Dr. Michal Carrington and Professor Julie Ozanne, shows that we are more likely show interest and feel a connection with B-list celebrities on social media (like Steph Claire-Smith, Dane Swan, or Matty J) than A-list stars (Hugh Jackman and Delta Goodrem). This is because we find their lifestyles;

  • Relatable - their lives seem more like ours
  • Affordable - their favourite brands and labels aren’t completely out of our budget
  • Achievable - we feel like we could be like them one day.

B and C list celebrities represent an attainable, aspirational lifestyle, which means for some of us, following their day to day life can become more than a hobby and can start to consume our lives.

Social media can become quite a distraction through your study period. Many of us use it as a reward for doing a hour or two of solid study. For some of us, we have our celeb obsession under control, but for others, it is pretty consuming.

If you are part of the 50% of millennials that participate in celebrity watching, take a quick quiz below to find out what type of ‘celeb-stalker’ you are based on UoM marketing research. 


You find out that one of your fave celebrities is in town this weekend. You:

  1. Check your Instagram feed on Sunday night to see where they ended up visiting
  2. Continuously watch their snapchat over the weekend and make note to visit those places at some stage
  3. Try find out where they will be over the weekend and even head to the airport in the hopes that you see them arriving

Your celebrity idol posts a photo of their new favourite bag on their page. You:

  1. Give the photo a like but, know it’s an ad so don’t really think twice about it
  2. Go out and buy a less expensive version in a similar style
  3. Put some money aside so you can buy the exact same bag

Approximately, how many celebrities do you think you follow on social media?

  1. Not many - I use my social media to see friends and family only
  2. At least 100,  maybe more as I tend to follow anything that looks cool
  3. Probably 50 - I have my favourite celebrities and I follow their friends too

Would you pay to go to a meet-up with a celebrity?

  1. No, I would rather spend my free time doing other things
  2. Only if I had no other plans and my friends were happy to go with me
  3. Yes, it would be amazing to meet my idol in real life

How do you follow the celebrities you like?

  1. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
  2. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TV, magazines, YouTube
  3. All of the above, plus I will Google search them frequently and subscribe to their personal blog

Photo by Jiří Wagner on Unsplash

The Results:

Mostly A’s

You like to keep an eye on what people are up to, but aren’t too phased by celebrities. You see the perks of being a celebrity, and are happy to follow certain stars closer than other but wouldn't spend more than 15 - 20 minutes a day watching celebrities.

Mostly B’s

You are probably more likely to be influenced by celebrities. You are interested in how these celebrities got to where they are today and want to know where they eat, their exercise routines and what styles they are wearing. Every now and then you treat yourself to some goodies to make you feel a bit more like them, but know that you should do it every day.

Mostly C’s

You are quite likely to spend at least 2 hours a day consuming celebrity media. You are happy to invest your time and money ‘celeb stalking’ in the hopes that you might become more like them or meet with them. We know you can feel a little guilty when you get consumed, so if you need a little reality check maybe take some time to view the video below.

Want to find out more about celebrity watching? View our academics present their research at our 2017 Open Day “Celebrity-Watching in the Virtual world: Marketing Sample Lecture."

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