We built an escape-room style puzzle on Open Day to show students how the Melbourne Model could take them further. If you missed it, this is essential reading!

Welcome to the Melbourne Perspective.

You and your team are about to take part in a unique puzzle experience, inspired by the Melbourne Model.

To succeed, you have to unlock four different locks on a box. You’ll have to work together in teams of 2 - 5, and use your team’s different perspectives to tackle problems from new angles.

You have fifteen minutes to complete the puzzle and there are four stations you will need to complete.

You will each be wearing RGB (Red, Green, Blue) glasses which will impact your ability to see some parts of the puzzle - making teamwork even more crucial. You will have a variety of tools to help you with the puzzles, but we won’t tell you which one goes with which puzzle.

At each station, there will be a hint given to help you out… should you need it!

Good luck!

At this year’s Open Day we teamed up with Escape Room Melbourne to create the Melbourne Perspective, which provided our attendees with an exciting and interactive puzzle, built to introduce Open Day goers to the Melbourne Model.

The Melbourne Perspective is based on the fact that the careers of the future are going to require you to look at things from many points of views. You will need to have skills in more than one area. For example, accountants will need to understand the law; engineers will need to know how to sell products; psychologists may need to understand the importance of art therapy.

The four different puzzles challenged guests to think differently. Some were sound-based activities, others visual or kinesthetic. Challenges included using a magnet to pull a key through a maze, filling up glasses with water to correct levels to match the pitch coming from a speaker, and using plastic perspex overlays to match up images that turned into numbers.

While these challenges sound simple on paper, the RGB glasses meant that you couldn’t see certain parts of the puzzle that your teammates could see, and you had to bring all your different skills together. Each of them required you to solve the puzzle one way, then try again, often changing your tact, until you figured it out how to move to the next step - just like the workforce.

We know that many of you haven’t decided what career path we want to take when you leave school. We know that sometimes you will need to try a few options before deciding the best option for you. A benefit of the Melbourne Model structure is that if you know exactly what career you want to end up in, you can start working towards that from day one. But, if you are still figuring things out and want to explore your options, many of our degrees don't require you to choose a focus area until year two or three.

If you want to learn more about the Melbourne Model, you can watch the Facebook Live broadcast from Open Day.

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