“I would recommend the Diploma in General Studies to anyone who wants a guaranteed pathway into a University of Melbourne degree, regardless of their past education.” - Breanna Price

“Once I completed Year 12 I realised that I wanted to study science, but I had not done some of the prerequisite subjects and thought that my only option was repeating,” says Breeana.

The DiGS program lets students explore study options at a university level, including biology and animal science, chemistry, economics, management and climate change subjects – providing students meet the course prerequisites. Breeana says moving two hours away from home was a big step, but having most of her fellow students also living on campus has benefited her studies.

“We are all one big group of friends who study and have fun with each other in our spare time,” she says. Living on-campus has also meant that Breeana can have constant access to all of the learning facilities and spaces.

“I enjoy how this course gives you an authentic university experience without the rushed feel of a bigger metropolitan campus,” she says. “Many of the subjects have regular field trips which enhance your learning experience.”

After completing the diploma, Breeana transitioned to the Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne and is successfully continuing her studies with the hope of one day working in forensic sciences.

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