Greta Duff is a country girl at heart, getting in on the agriculture action.

I chose to study agriculture in a roundabout way. My dream had always been to be a vet, but then it changed to doing something within the business world, then psychology, physiotherapy, then back to business, then science, and finally I settled on agriculture!

The Bachelor of Agriculture is an incredible all-rounded degree. It has combined my love of the outdoors, animals and science all together and there is so much scope for where my degree can take me. And if I wanted to pursue my lifelong dream to be a vet, I can still do that! Another benefit of studying at the University of Melbourne is that it’s only a 12-minute bike ride from home – super convenient.

It may be strange that a city girl like me is studying agriculture, but I always thought of myself as a country girl at heart. The first day of uni is always daunting – you feel like you’ve suddenly dropped about a thousand spots on the education totem pole and no longer top dog of the school! Luckily, I’ve made some incredible like-minded friends and we’ve supported each other through this journey.

I didn’t really know what to expect from my degree. I could lie and say I went into it prepared, but in reality, I entered that course like a lamb that had lost its mother. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. However, I got stuck in straight away - attending lectures, tutorials and seminars.

My first year of ag showed me the incredible diversity of the industry and the course. It was lecturers like Bill Malcolm, Jason White, Vern Bowles and Alexandria Sinnett who opened up the world of agriculture to me and what it meant to not only Australians, but the rest of the globe.

Hands down, the best experience of studying agriculture at Melbourne to date is studying at the Dookie campus. To be able to go on a real farm and apply everything you’ve learned in class is an experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Three days at Dookie just wasn’t enough for me. As part of the new Bachelor of Agriculture degree, students have the option to live and study at Dookie for a semester and I’ve jumped on this opportunity. What’s more exciting is that I get to bring my horse to Dookie too!

Pete, my current OTTB that I am retraining. He’ll be coming to Dookie with me!

I’m beyond excited to experience whatever will be thrown at me with the rest of my degree. The more involved I am with ag, the more I feel that I have picked the right course.

This story originally appeared on the Discover: stories from Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science.

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