Marisa Spiniello: Chemical Science

I moved from Adelaide in 1997 to begin my PhD studies in Physical Organic Chemistry at the University of Melbourne after recognizing how much I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of Chemistry and to expand my practical skills in the laboratory.

"Following my PhD studies, I was employed at the University of Melbourne as a postdoctoral scientist in several different research groups. Exploration of a wide range of chemistry research and sophisticated lab techniques served me well when I left the laboratory to pursue a career in scholarly publishing."

"In my first post-doc position I worked as a synthetic organic chemist in the School of Chemistry in collaboration with a medium-sized biotechnology company. I was exposed to a fast-paced environment outside the university setting and refined my skills in effectively communicating and presenting results to team members with differing scientific expertise. I also honed my skills as a synthetic chemist during stints in the fields of coordination polymers and polymer science.

In 2007 I moved to a small town in Germany to start my career as a professional editor at Wiley-VCH with the distinguished journal Angewandte Chemie. A few years later I was promoted to Deputy Editor of a new journal called ChemPlusChem, where I am now the Editor-in-Chief. I enjoy meeting scientists at international conferences and learning about their latest results. As a consequence of touching on several fields in the chemical sciences while at the university, today the favourite part of my job is interacting with scientists across diverse subject areas."

During the next decade, many new employment opportunities with in the field of Chemical Sciences will emerge. Ongoing challenges in the areas of human health, the environment and energy will require innovative solutions to be developed. There will be roles for Analytical Chemists, Food Technologists, Chemical Sales Representatives, Industrial Chemists and Quality Assurance Officers.

This article originally appeared in Engage on the Faculty of Science School of Chemistry website.

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