Neha Soni: Information Systems

Modern life is nothing without digital innovation; it’s driven by technological solutions to societal problems. But it also means we are faced with ever-increasing quantities of data, of diverse types and complexities.

In 2014, Neha graduated from the Master of Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Melbourne and moved into the workforce with both the technical and business skills to help her thrive in a Big Four consulting firm.

She chose to study MIS because she saw liked the business side of IT. The course gave her a holistic view of managing business systems and stakeholders within client focused organisations. “I was impressed with the course structure and the wide array of subjects available. The program had a mix of foundation and elective subjects that gave me the opportunity to customise my course to develop deep theoretical and practical knowledge in my areas of interest.”

“Along with the technical know-how, MIS helped me develop and enhance fundamental business skills like requirements gathering, communication, problem solving and team building. While I’m working on a project, it helps me apply critical thinking to a problem, communicate effectively to identify and define client requirements, apply a structured approach to resolve issues and build healthy relationships with clients.”

Neha worked as a Business Analyst at Deloitte and now works at KPMG. “Consulting enables me to branch into different roles and projects and gain experience across a range of industries. What I enjoy the most is the experience of continuous learning about a new industry or business in a short time and getting a taste of what it is like to work for that organisation. Also, since my role is client facing, it also helps me hone my people skills as I’m required to work with different stakeholders and team members across different projects.”

As a student who studied her Diploma and Bachelor’s in Engineering in India before making the move to Australia, she enjoyed the social aspect of her University of Melbourne degree. “The classes have been the biggest highlight! As a student, I didn’t just attend lectures and listen to the lecturers, but I participated in conversations. The classes were structured to be highly interactive and engaging. The lecturers often encouraged us to engage in discussions with our fellow classmates that helped us understand different perspectives, gave us clarity of thought and eventually resulted in a close-knit learning environment.”

Outside of work Neha loves to travel and explore different cultures around the world. She really enjoys the cultural and social aspects of Melbourne living and loves a good Melbourne coffee. “Melbourne is obsessed with coffee and I totally enjoy the coffee culture. The reason why I decided to settle here is that Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures - Melburnians are incredibly friendly, laidback and fun. No wonder our multicultural Melbourne is ranked the world’s most liveable city!”

Neha’s drive and inspiration comes from seeing and working with other people who accept challenges with a positive attitude. “I believe it is highly essential to embrace difficulties with strength and self-belief and have the determination to overcome them. Like they say, it’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it!”

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