Selena Peng: Pharmacology

"Breadth has enabled me to appreciate the non-scientific parts of society, such as the history and the development of the Japanese language."

"The high-tech laboratory facilities and the dedication to science of our enthusiastic academics during open day talks, really appealed to me about this university. In addition, there are numerous research facilities partnering with the University of Melbourne, and I think being a Melbourne University student gives you more opportunities to network with project managers and senior demonstrators.

I knew I liked science but I wasn’t sure which specific field I wanted to study or work in. The best advice I can give would be to get involved with university events such as career talks, discovery tours or club and societies, to get more understanding of what kind of person you are and what you are really dedicated in doing. This will definitely help you with your course planning.

Studying Japanese as breadth has been more than merely introducing vocabulary and grammar; it is a combination of exploring new ways of learning to maximise our understanding of the Japanese culture as well as improving team work skills. It has enabled me to appreciate the non-scientific parts of society such as the history and the development of the Japanese language.

I was planning to major in Human Physiology in my second year, however I changed my mind when I actually considered the lecture contents. Pharmacology is fascinating in its interdisciplinary nature. The contents will cover how drugs interact with different body systems and what are the signalling pathways and side effects of the drug. More importantly, I strongly believe that I will be motivated to do research and self-directed learning outside of class for pharmacology.

Early this year I received a scholarship (Global Scholars Award) to study abroad in Japan. This scholarship has enabled me to reduce some of the financial burden of travelling and studying overseas on me and my family. While I was in Japan, I participated in many traditional Japanese activities and strengthened my intercultural communication. It was a fantastic experience!"

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This story originally appeared on Meet our Students on the Faculty of Science website.

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