Kimberly Pellosis has taken every opportunity to enhance her CV and travel the world, making sure her time at university is enriching for her future career and personal goals.

The current Agricultural and Environmental Science student, completed a Bachelor of Science before choosing a Crop Production major as part of her Master of Agricultural Sciences. She has studied abroad at the University of Copenhagen and has done subjects at our Dookie, Burnley, Creswick and Parkville campuses.

Due to personal circumstances, Kimberly was eligible for a Graduate Access Melbourne scholarship. “It greatly assisted with my living expenses and easing the pressure and burden of having to make ends meet while studying and participating in extra-curricular activities.”

As the team manager for the Melbourne University Softball Club having Access Melbourne funding allowed Kimberly to dedicate the time needed to running the team. “[It’s] the most challenging thing that I've done at University. I think it’s very important to provide access and enable women to have a fair go at participating in sporting programs, especially when support for women’s sport is scarce. I’ve been able to develop my project management skills through providing reasoning and basis for the team to be able to attend the Australian University Games.” And these project management skills have been incredibly useful. She has also been the marketing and media officer for Engineers Without Borders and President of the Graduate Agriculture and Food Society.

Image: Kimberly finds time to wind down with friends on campus in between all of her commitments.

She is also a volunteer at the Royal Melbourne Show with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, and is a Student Mentor for the Dookie Agricultural Camp which brings Year 9 and 10 students on to the Dookie Campus for three days to explore agricultural science and experience learning in a university environment.

My goal is to drive innovative, economically efficient and sustainable operations and practices in the Australian agricultural sector. Throughout my degree I've conducted internships and placements for a range of organisations, and I have to admit I really enjoy Agribusiness! However, I've also learned that it's very important to keep an open mind, so my approach right now is to make the most of the opportunities that come my way.

When Kimberly studied her Bachelor of Science as an undergraduate student she used breadth subjects to open her mind up to different ways of doing things. In her philosophy classes, she learnt “another way of thinking” and her Spanish subjects taught her the importance of communication and language.

She credits the flexibility of the Bachelor of Science in allowing her to become such an involved student. Her advice to future science students is to “familiarise yourself with all the opportunities available and try things that you are passionate about!”

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